International recruitment

Espirita provides carefully vetted healthcare professionals for your specific requirements who are committed for the long-term. With global scale and local expertise, we source people with the right skills, attitude and aptitude for your organisation.

How we help 

We achieve successful outcomes by focusing on each individual. Guiding them through every step of their journey to ensure the best possible fit for them; informing the practical, emotional and intangible choices that a more transactional process ignores.

Address workforce shortages

Combat global shortages of healthcare professionals with our international recruitment services. We ensure your facility remains fully staffed, stabilising healthcare systems in areas affected by high attrition rates or tackling a deficit of talent in particular specialisms required to deliver care.

Enhance skills and expertise

Augment your team’s capabilities with the unique perspectives and advanced skills of internationally trained professionals. This diversity elevates your healthcare services to new standards of excellence.

Promote cultural diversity and understanding

Our recruitment process brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds, enhancing your team’s ability to understand and interact with patients from various cultures. This inclusivity improves communication and boosts patient trust and satisfaction.

Drive economic stability

Through our recruitment solutions, you secure the uninterrupted and efficient operation of your healthcare facilities. Filling essential roles promotes productivity and quality and maintains economic stability in your healthcare services.

E-learning courses to support our healthcare professionals relocating

Espirita Learning offers nearly 500 unique courses with unmatched course diversity, multiple language options and a range of participation methods. Each course undergoes review by the Clinical Advisory Group (CAG). Many of our courses are aligned to Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) and accredited by the Continual Professional Development Standards Office (CPDSO). 

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Espirita is dedicated to addressing workforce challenges with choice, commitment, and care. To discover how we can enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and cut costs to align with your organisational objectives, please contact our team. 

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