At Espirita, we pride ourselves on being trusted partners in your journey to finding your dream opportunity in a new country. Our testimonials showcase the reasons why healthcare professionals worldwide trust Espirita. Discover the stories of those who have embarked on transformative experiences with us, finding not just a job but a fulfilling career and a new place they can call home.

“Espirita has fulfilled my dream of working as a registered nurse in the UK”

“They have been very patient and considerate with all my conditions and requests, as I was still working in Saudi Arabia when I started my application. May was superb in handling a very demanding applicant like me; she was always available for my never-ending queries and concerns despite the time difference and sorted everything promptly. Furthermore, I am very grateful to have settled and loved my job at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Trust Foundation. I can’t say enough thanks for the wonderful opportunity.”

“It has been a life-changing decision for me to work in the UK”

“I have nothing but high praises and am full of gratitude to Aaron for guiding me during my application and when I arrived in the UK. It has been a life-changing decision for me to work in the UK, and Aaron has helped me reflect and navigate my career goals as well as my plans for the future of my family.

It was easy for me to know what to expect from this new career with Aaron’s guidance. He was very keen and patient in answering my queries and was quick to respond to my concerns. It was a great service, and I felt his genuine care for me.”

“I highly recommend Espirita”

“I would like to express my gratitude to Espirita for processing my application towards my UK dream.

I would like to especially thank May for sorting out my application to work as a nurse in the UK and for providing me with detailed instructions and updates.”

“The process is so fast”

“I arrived in the UK after less than three months of processing. The team assisted me very well from my arrival day, including helping with accommodation, OSCE preparation, and processing until I passed my OSCE.

This is the best team I’ve ever experienced!”

“They were very friendly and easy to contact”

“I would like to thank Elizabeth and Diana for all their effort in getting us to England. I cannot put it into words because they helped us a lot during the recruitment process, getting our papers ready, all the appointments for our visa and medicals, getting our plane tickets, fetching us at the airport, and getting us to our accommodation. They worked a lot to get us here.”

“Espirita is the best”

“Espirita is the best agency because it handles recruitment professionally, ensures that all processes are good, and fixes any problems that may arise. They also ensured that we settled well in the U.K.”

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Ready to turn your dreams into reality in a new corner of the world? Dive into our diverse range of opportunities spanning the vibrant landscapes of the UK, the bustling streets of the USA, and the serene beauty of New Zealand. With roles across all specialities, we offer not just jobs but fulfilling careers packed with great benefits. But that’s not all – our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way. From the initial application to settling into your new workplace and life, we’ll be by your side, ensuring a seamless transition and equipping you with all the knowledge you need.

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